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66 Shield and Neon Sign

"Route 66 Shield"

Tulsa is proud of our 27 mile stretch of Historic Route 66 that runs in a diagonal path through the city. The Tulsa 66 Shield at the entrance of the Village honors former Tulsan, Cyrus Avery, the "Father of Route 66." Many of our nearby and international visitors have noticed an optical illusion as they drove by. They reported seeing the historic “Route 66” shield, but when they took their photos behind the shield, they found they were standing above the “Tulsa 66” shield. Purposely designed this way, the 12ft shield definitely catches the attention of the road warriors traveling by reminding them of the great city they visited. 

Tulsa 66 shield, route 66 shield
route66 sheld photo op.png
Route 66 Historical Village logo
neon sign.jpg

Neon Sign

Reminiscent of past advertising on America's Mother Road, colorful neon signs are beginning to illuminate the way once again along Tulsa's segment of Route 66. Purchased by Vision 2015 Funds, the Village's neon sign adds to the uniqueness of this outdoor transportation museum on our slice of the historic road.


We are a destination on Historic Route 66, make plans to visit us soon...

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